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NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly scares us from the ISS while wearing a Halloween mask.
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET
Just because you’re spending a year on the International Space Station (ISS) doesn’t mean you can’t dress up n a costume and celebrate Halloween like the rest of us.
NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted on October 30, “Happy Halloween from @space_station! Have a great weekend, and be safe down there. #YearInSpace”
Attached to the tweet is a special video that could easily be the kind of scene we’d expect from a space horror film like “Event Horizon,” “The Last Days on Mars” or “Alien.”

Perhaps after spending seven months already on the ISS and setting a new record for the total amount of days spent in space by an American astronaut, Kelly is needing to find new, creative ways to stay sane. (We hope.)
With spooky music playing the background, we see Kelly floating inside the space station, creeping closer to the stationary camera.

What makes it extra creepy is that he’s wearing a custom painted mask reminiscent of the fictional serial killer Michael Myers from the “Halloween” slasher film series.

The only audio, besides the music, is NASA chiming in with “Station Houston, you guys appear to have a stowaway.”
Then just when we all have the heebie-jeebies from watching the video, we hear the message “Happy Halloween.”

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