MIT’s Tangible Media Lab is working on an interesting project they’re calling “bioLogic.” The basic premise involves using Nattō cells to create living actuators and sensors that can be 3D printed directly onto fabric. The demonstration in their video shows the bio-film responding to a wearer’s sweat, then curling up to create living vents in the garment.
Google’s Project Loon isn’t new, but they’re taking their “balloon Internet” experiment to Indonesia next year. They’ve partnered with three telecom carriers to provide connectivity for the entire country. Only 1 in 3 Indonesians have access to the Internet, making it a prime candidate for Google’s experimental balloons, as the goal of Project Loon is to offer online connections to remote locations or places where connections aren’t otherwise available.
Lastly, Carnegie Mellon University researchers are showing off a new set of parameters that makes it possible to 3D print plastic hair. Sure, it’s rudimentary and inspired by the same act as pulling a glue gun away from a blob of hot glue (making a thin strand of glue), but it’s fun to see how strong the plastic hair actually is. It can be curled, braided, brushed, or even implemented in tiny paintbrushes.
Our crowdfunding effort of the week is Ollinfit, a set of three sensors designed to be a kind of “digital personal trainer” when you go to the gym. It helps correct bad form while working out, and offers advice for improving the quality of your workouts.

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268: Google’s Internet balloons lift off in Indonesia next year
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