UPDATE: Even as third parties tried to defend the scientific record (see original article, below), Congressman Lamar Smith’s office has continued his war of words against the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In a press release issued today, Smith reiterated his suggestion that NOAA’s updated temperature data was a fraudulent manipulation performed for political reasons.
Smith claims his actions are an attempt to “understand agency’s decision to alter temperature data to show warming.” And, in a letter demanding NOAA respond to his subpoena for all correspondence related to the temperature update, he suggests its refusal simply raises more suspicions: “Deficiencies in NOAA’s response to the Committee’s request raises serious concerns about what role officials at NOAA, including political appointees, had in the decision to adjust the temperature data and widely publicize conclusions based on those adjustments.”
The release quotes his letter as suggesting that NOAA may be opening itself up to “civil and/or criminal enforcement mechanisms.”
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