Point-and-click detective game Agent A, first in an episodice series, manages to stand out quite wonderfully in a saturated genre, with its Bond-inspired 60s spy Shag aesthetic. As the titular Agent A, you need to hunt down and stop the dastardly Ruby La Rouge in her swanky mansion (she has a shark aquarium!) on a private island.
It’s quite a beautifully balanced game, with enough difficulty to keep most players engaged, but not so much that they’ll be turning away in frustration. You’ll prowl the mansion looking for clues, and can expect to return to previous puzzles with new items and information, but it moves smoothly enough that it never gets arduous doing so.
Melbourne-based studio Yak & Co is only a relatively new venture, but Agent A promises great things for the future.
Platforms: iOS
Price: $2.99 | AU$4.49 | £2.29

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