A pair of researchers used to use PowerPoint presentations to try to teach biochemistry concepts to kids; now, they’ve tapped into the versatile world of gaming to help kids learn via “Molcraft,” a Minecraft server full of blocky molecular models and a scavenger hunt to inform players about each structure.
We mentioned MIT’s “living bio-skin” on yesterday’s show, and today, we’re talking a little bit about another MIT project, Amino, that’s seeking crowdfunding cash to bankroll an easy-to-use home lab. They’d like to democratize the process of growing cells, and have come up with a design that allows any user to begin growing a variety of cells through simple “apps” designed to automate the more intense, difficult parts of the process.
Lastly, “The Social Shot” is a robotic bartender that can peek at your Facebook profile and then create a custom shooter for you to down. Five different personality traits correspond to five different types of ingredients, and an algorithm helps the robot understand how much of each should go into your personalized shot after it gets your Facebook data.

269: ‘Social Shot’ creates custom cocktail from your Facebook data
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