It’s a bit too late to get WiMAX now. (credit: Yusuke Kawasaki)

Sprint was planning to shut down its WiMAX network today, but the company was forced to keep parts of it running for an extra 90 days after a judge granted an emergency injunction.
A group of nonprofits sued Sprint over the shutdown, saying that Sprint plans to throttle service after the switch from WiMAX to LTE in violation of a contract. A Massachusetts Superior Court judge yesterday granted an emergency motion for a preliminary injunction, saying that the “plaintiffs have demonstrated a strong likelihood of success on the merits.”
Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen, which supply schools, libraries, and nonprofits with wireless Internet over the WiMAX network, said that “the emergency relief orders Sprint to maintain the WiMAX network in certain areas for 90 days to allow Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen time to migrate their users to Sprint’s LTE network.”
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