File under “The Way We Live Now”: the Republican party has embraced Wi-Fi-based media trolling.
Last night, Ted Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler shared an image on Twitter showing the “password every member of the media will have to type to get Wi-Fi access” at tonight’s Republican candidate debate in Milwaukee. That password? “StopHillary.” The thinking here seems be that this will function as a clove of garlic to the vampiric mass media, all of whom are registered Democrats intent on sucking the life out of the Grand Old Party’s slate.

Password every member of the media will have to type to get WiFi access at the Milwaukee debate.
— Rick Tyler (@rickwtyler) November 9, 2015

The RNC password for Wifi: “StopHillary”
— Shane Goldmacher (@ShaneGoldmacher) November 10, 2015

The Wifi password at tonight’s Republican debate: StopHillary – can’t make this stuff up.
— David Siegel (@TheDaveSiegel) November 10, 2015

The joke has inspired predictably mixed reactions on Twitter, from “That is IRL trolling of the first magnitude. Most impressive” to ” @GOP is run by scared 8th grade boys?”
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