(credit: Matt DeTurck)

It’s a serious case of trademark madness: food-delivery startup DoorDash has been sued by one of the restaurants that it buys food from, In-N-Out Burger.
One might think the West Coast burger chain would be at least tolerant of DoorDash and its competitors, companies that could expand the market for prepared meals at no extra cost or risk to the restaurants. But In-N-Out lawyers make the case that DoorDash is actually violating its trademark rights with its unlicensed delivery business.
In the complaint (PDF), In-N-Out attorneys claim that DoorDash uses an “Imitation Logo” of In-N-Out on its website, which “is intended to, and has, confused consumers as to Defendant’s authority to delivery Plaintiff’s food items.” They charge DoorDash with trademark infringement, dilution, and unfair competition. The lawsuit was filed on November 6 and first reported yesterday by TMZ.
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