Yo dawg we heard you like cameras… (credit: Beatrice Murch)
On Thursday the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner announced that the law enforcement agency would be moving forward with a plan to equip its ranks with body cameras. The cameras, Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske said, would be used during “operations such as checkpoints, vessel boarding and interdictions, training academies, and outbound operations at ports of entry.” The Commissioner added that CBP would also be assessing how it currently uses stationary and car-mounted cameras, to see if additional cameras are needed.
The announcement represents a divergence from the conclusion of a draft of an internal review that circulated in August, which the Los Angeles Times was able to review earlier this month. That internal review noted that “officials found the cameras’ benefits were outweighed by their drawbacks, including cost, damage to morale, vulnerability to hacking and the agents’ rugged working conditions.”
The feasibility study (PDF) also noted that most of the body worn cameras on the market today had “limited effectiveness” for CBP officers.
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