(credit: Taser)

Officer Jeremy Dear.
A New Mexico police officer accused of routinely not having his Taser-made lapel camera running and who was involved in one of Albuquerque’s high-profile shootings of a teen-ager, has won reinstatement to the force.
The city’s personnel board voted 3-2 this week to give back officer Jeremy Dear his position. Dear’s camera was not plugged in when he shot and killed a 19-year-old girl after a foot chase last year. He was cleared of the shooting, but fired after the city’s police chief, Gorden Eden, said that the officer routinely did not have his lapel cam running during encounters with the public, as he was allegedly ordered to do in 2013 after there were several citizen complaints lodged against him.
The officer’s attorney successfully convinced the city’s personnel board that the police department’s policy on body-worn cameras was inconsistently applied and that there were times when cameras should not be running.
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