Our seven most-read stories from the past seven days.
7. Who should take the blame for a data breach?
When the data doodoo hits the fan who should be responsible for cleaning it up and then, possibly, walking the walk of shame? The CIO, the CEO, the COO – or some poor office junior who happened to be passing by at the wrong time? Sooraj Shah talks to a number of top CIOs to find out the current thinking.
6. ‘If people knew what bulk collection in Investigatory Powers Bill really meant, there’d be uproar’ privacy expert tells MPs
Dr Joss Wright, research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, was scathing about the draft Investigatory Powers Bill when he sat before a committee of MPs this week.
“I think this fundamental issue of comparing it to telephony is ludicrous; it’s much closer in the modern world, particularly for younger people, to consider this an analogy of the real world,” he said.
“When did you go into your house, when did you leave your house? Which friend did you meet? Which shop did you go into? Which newspaper did you read? What book did you buy?”
5. Reckitt Benckiser keen to invest in the Internet of Things
Consumer goods juggernaut Reckitt Benckiser, whose brands include Air Wick, Cillit Bang and Nurofen, is looking to invest in IoT solutions, according to CIO Darrell Stein.
“It’s about how we provide the right products at the right time for customers, so that they can, for example, pre-order dishwasher tablets or other household products,” he suggests.
You can also read a full interview with Stein here.
4. Microsoft tackles Safe Harbour as Nadella promises UK commercial cloud data centres for 2016
The end of Safe Harbour really put a sharp-clawed cat among the jittery cloud pigeons, but Microsoft has been quick to take the initiative with CEO Satya Nadella announcing dedicated UK and Europe commercial cloud data centres as part of a $2bn spend on cloud infrastructure in Europe.
3. MAC addresses: the privacy Achilles’ Heel of the Internet of Things
Location data – people’s current whereabouts and where they’ve been – is considered one of the most private categories by consumers. Smartphone users frequently abandon apps when they find they are tracking location for no apparent reason.
But if Wi-Fi is on, their phone is broadcasting its MAC address, which can be the next best thing to leaking a personal ID. Designer Adam Harvey describes how using this data he was able to tell where every smartphone in a security symposium had travelled to around the world.
“If I were malicious I could construct a highly targeted phishing attack – ‘I see you’ve been to the Grand Hotel, did you enjoy your stay there?'” he said.
On the IoT: “We are about to manufacture and deploy billions of devices and we don’t even know what the problems are yet. If we do this wrong we’re really screwed.”
2. Fantasy football players may have had their PCs infected with malware
How we love the beautiful game. Not the corrupt shambles run by the likes of Sepp Blatter, but the online management game in which all is clean and above board. So how disappointed we were to find out that even this last bastion of purity had been tainted, this time by a fiendish “malvertising” plot. All those hours we’ve spent carefully tweaking and honing our teams could have actually endangered our online selves and could have led to our precious devices being stretchered off. Gutting.
1. How RBS’s ‘data guy’ built a bank-changing data lake
Officially known as “The Data Guy”, Christian Nelissen started at RBS in 2010 as the director of RBS’s customer analytics and decisioning service, before stepping up to his new role in June 2014.
“The whole thing got tougher in the middle of last year when the bank had a look at its direction,” explains Nelissen. “We had a new CEO, and we decided there were a number of things we wanted to pull out that we’d be really good at. Data analytics was one of those.”
The bank also has a programme called “Superstar DJs”.
“The idea is that the DJ is in control of his environment, and he’s connecting with his audience,” he explains. “So you can imagine where this is going – the trip out to the front line is called Superstar DJs Live!”
Whoever imagined that banking IT could be so rock’n’roll? The Data Guy is our top story this week.

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