Verizon will make adding a device to its service more expensive.
If you’re considering signing up for wireless service with Verizon, you may want to do so before Sunday.
That’s when the New York-based telecommunications giant adds a $20 fee to cover the cost of activating a new device, according to a company spokeswoman. It applies to consumers signing up for a new phone or tablet line and affects devices purchased through a monthly installment plan or purchased outright.
The activation fee makes its return a few months after Verizon killed off its smartphone subsidies and service contracts, forcing new customers to go into installment plans. The device activation fee had been waived.

The fee was first reported by Droid Life earlier this week.
The $20 fee is half the amount of the activation fee for its now defunct two-year contract. AT&T charges $15 for devices sold through its installment program, or $45 for a two-year contract or purchased device.
Verizon is also slated to raise the monthly rate of its unlimited data plan by $20 a month on Sunday, which is also the first day that customers with grandfathered plans will be able to take part in the company’s device installment plan.

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