Two-and-a-half years after Prenda Law’s “porno-trolling collective” started to fall apart in a Los Angeles courtroom, one of the two principals, Paul Hansmeier, may lose his law license.
Minnesota’s Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility has requested that Hansmeier be disbarred or suspended. The petition (PDF) is dated October 28 but was released to the press yesterday, and it describes Hansmeier’s alleged misbehavior in four separate legal cases.
Hansmeier and his colleague John Steele are believed to be the masterminds behind Prenda Law, the name under which they acquired porn copyrights and then sued thousands for downloading them. They are believed to have made several million dollars until the project fell apart in 2013 under a barrage of sanctions. Hansmeier’s response to this new document is due later this month.
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