(credit: G20 Turkey)

A group of the world’s industrialized nations issued a largely meaningless statement on Monday arguing that member states should not “conduct or support” stealing of intellectual property “or other confidential business information.” The G20 Communiqué was issued as part of the G20 meeting held this week in Antalya, Turkey.
It’s important to note that the statement, which has been dubbed an “anti-hacking” bill, has zero enforcement mechanisms to speak of.
This statement is likely squarely aimed at China, which has long been accused of running state-sponsored operations to penetrate, steal, and exploit American and European commercial, government, and military data. Washington and Beijing signed a similar “anti-hacking” agreement in September 2015. But as recently as last month, CrowdStrike, a computer security analysis firm, said that there are no signs of China abating.
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