The CD sent with a wealth of personal information on Georgia voters. From the lawsuit filed against Secretary of State Brian P. Kemp.

This week, two Georgia residents filed a class action complaint against Secretary of State Brian P. Kemp for allegedly sending CDs containing personal data belonging to 6 million voters to 12 media organizations, political parties, and other groups, including Georgia GunOwner Magazine.
The CDs filled with voter data were regularly sent out to these 12 parties as part of a legal subscription service that offered access to lists of registered voters, but the lawsuit alleges that somehow, October’s CD went out to subscribers with voters’ social security numbers, dates of birth, and drivers license numbers attached to their names.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution verified these claims by accessing one of the discs and looking up one of the paper’s staffers. Sure enough, his social security number and driver’s license number appeared. “The AJC has returned its copy of the disc to the state,” the paper said.
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