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Welp, it’s about as unassuming as you can get, but this image might suggest a return of the now-former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.
Warning: Like winter, spoilers are coming. Only read on if you’re OK with speculation about the future of Westeros.
We still don’t know whether Jon Snow is alive or dead (or undead), but at least we know he’s around.
HBO on Monday released a promotional poster for season 6 of the hit fantasy series “Game of Thrones” featuring the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch still decked out in his black cloak with blood on his face.
There’s nothing else to really give any indication of Snow’s condition, though the fact that there’s blood on Snow’s face could mean he’s still around.

As you may recall, Jon Snow was lying in the snow in a pool of blood at the end of season 5 after being stabbed repeatedly by his former brothers of the Night’s Watch who had labeled Snow a traitor for letting the Wildlings in.

What’s missing, however, is any blood on Snow’s face in the finale, which seems to suggest that Snow may very well have lived on in some form and gotten “new blood” on his face from either killing someone or something. Maybe Melisandre arrived at Castle Black in the nick of time?
Of course, we won’t know for sure until “Game of Thrones” returns to HBO in 2016. The poster narrowed that release date down a bit, revealing that the next season will indeed be coming back to your TV screens in April. To pass the time, be sure to catch up on some of our past coverage of popular fan theories about Snow’s lineage, and how Meera Reed might play a surprising role in the series in the future.

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