In 2014, Kim Dotcom hired actors to impersonate President Barack Obama (left) and Prime Minister John Key (right) in a promo video for his Internet Party. (credit: Kim Dotcom)

After nine weeks, Kim Dotcom’s extradition trial has ended.
US prosecutors are seeking to have the founder of the now defunct Megaupload cyberlocker site shipped from his New Zealand home to the US to face trial on charges of criminal copyright infringement. If convicted, Dotcom and his top lieutenants could face decades in jail. Charges were leveled against them in 2012, when New Zealand authorities raided Dotcom’s mansion outside Auckland.
The US government was represented by Crown lawyer Christine Gordon, whose closing arguments spanned the final two days of the trial. She said that Dotcom’s behavior, granting rewards to users who uploaded popular videos, was “a species of fraud” and should result in his being transferred to the US to face trial.
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