EveryWare uses the Internet of Things to save businesses moneyStratford-upon-Avon, 24 November 2015: A pioneering real-time analytics specialist – EveryWare – has today been launched, with the aim of saving businesses money in areas that they are yet to recognise.EveryWare identifies the inefficiencies that are costing businesses money through the use of retrofit sensors and Internet of Things technology, allowing them to resolve issues instantly and remotely, before they escalate. It is born from the desire to provide a responsive, interoperable, easily integrated, tailored analytics solution to enterprises that cannot or do not wish to use one of the giant enterprise software systems.“What differentiates us is that we are entirely vertically integrated. We manufacture the sensors, the software and the interface in house. No outsourcing, no middle man. You can find us all in one place,” said Nigel Maris, Managing Director of EveryWare and Founder and Managing Director of its sister company, Assembled Electronics Solutions (AES). “This makes us cost effective, scalable, nimble and responsive – something that the larger enterprise software providers struggle to be.”The technology is tailored specifically to problems encountered in each individual business across a wide range of sectors – including manual handling, healthcare and green energy. The main focus is to simplify the process of obtaining appropriate data in the areas that are costing businesses money or potentially need to be controlled to avoid a crisis situation. This in turn gives companies the chance to react effectively on receiving real-time data. “The process breaks down into three main stages: local sensing though sensors that can be fitted retrospectively, local control via a Smarthub and remote monitoring from anywhere in the world via any handheld device,” said Tom Screen, Technical Director of EveryWare. “The back-office Smarthub tracks data gathered by sensors in the workspace, which is then synced in real time to a cloud platform for storage. Management can connect directly to the Smarthub from a remote device by using a secure access code to receive a real-time overview of the workspace, broken down by function.”EveryWare devices notify management if the sensors detect that pre-determined parameters have been exceeded, ensuring that they have complete control at all times.EveryWare utilises the experience of its sister company AES’, in the manufacture of its sensors and Smarthubs, meaning that everything is designed, developed and produced in house. AES has produced electronics devices for applications across multiple sectors – such as automotive, medical, security and aerospace – since 2009. For more information about EveryWare, please visit everyware.uk.com Follow EveryWare on Twitter – @EveryWareUKENDSABOUT AES AND EVERYWARE:Assembled Electronics Solutions was established in 2009 with a focus on creating value for clients using innovation, design and technology to bring new products to market or to extend the life-cycle of existing products.With its origins in the UK manufacture of printed circuit boards for more than forty years, AES has manufactured electronics devices for applications as diverse as automotive lighting, airborne and underwater systems, medical equipment and security devices.Innovation and problem solving is at the heart of the business. The vibrant and creative culture within AES attracts corporate clients seeking a focused design and manufacturing partner that is able to grasp corporate requirements whilst remaining lean and responsive. The variety of projects stimulates innovation whilst exposing the design team to emerging technologies.EveryWare utilises the electrical manufacture expertise of AES in the development of its sensors, which can be retrofitted to equipment to measure any parameter – from temperature to impact to energy usage – and reports back to a back-office Smarthub in real time. This data is then accessible to management through any computer or hand held device, allowing them to monitor data and make instant changes from anywhere in the world.PRESS CONTACT:Proactive PRLouis Peake+44 (0)1636-812152louis.peake@proactive-pr.com Source: RealWire

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