Law firm Irwin Mitchell LLP has deployed security software provider Darktrace’s “enterprise immune system” solution to monitor and control cyber-threats.
The UK law firm has 11 offices and employs over 2,400 people across the country. It provides a range of private client and business legal services to private individuals, businesses, charities and organisations.

It had been looking for a solution to help to safeguard client information and defend against incoming cyber-threats. After a four-week proof of concept period, it selected Darktrace’s solution because the firm felt that it allowed it to comprehensively monitor the whole of its network and keep on top of cyber-threats.
“Darktrace allows us to demonstrate that we are on top of incident management: we are monitoring, we are alerting, we are investigating – and not just in small areas of our network, but all of our network,” said Mark Vivian, head of IT security at Irwin Mitchell.
According to Vivian, one of the biggest benefits of using Darktrace is being able to know of a threat as swiftly as possible.
“It’s a game changer for us is to be able to see threats early or as they are happening. It allows us to take control of a situation,” Vivian explained.
Earlier this month, there was speculation that Irwin Mitchell could merge with Thomas Eggar to create a UK top-20 law firm. The firm has a turnover of £210m and has acquired six firms since 2012, including Berkeley Law.
Like many firms that handle sensiitive data Irwin Mitchell is beefing up its IT security to ensure it isn’t on the end of a devastating data breach. Earlier this week, a Deloitte report suggested that three quarters of customers would reconsider using a company in the event of a data breach.

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