The smart and talented Kim Horcher (host of TYT’s “Nerd Alert”) joins us today to talk about video games and when they might be too much, and we take a little deep dive into some of the earlier stories of the week.
Jeff and Ashley discuss the merits of Amazon Prime Air, and how it might effect your neighborhood. Will we be able to contain our excitement when Amazon finally gets official clearance to start delivering small items via drone? Also, when would anyone actually need anything delivered that quickly?
They also chat about Nokia’s Ozo camera, which was announced earlier this year, but this week got an official price tag: $60,000! It’s not price-friendly for the prosumer market, which means Nokia is hoping to plant their flag with production studios for film and video games. They’ll need a stellar device with an even better end product if they want to get a foothold in the ultra-competitive professional market.
As for the last story on the headlines front, Jeff is really, really excited about the ShiftWear sneaker crowdfunding campaign over on Indiegogo, which seeks a paltry $25,000 to deliver what they’re touting as HD color e-paper shoes that can be machine washed and updated to any art or animation on a whim. Ashley’s not so sure about this particular campaign, though, and she explains why you should be, too.

281: Deep Dive: Prime Air, the ShiftWear campaign and guest Kim Horcher
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