Warning: Night gathers, and spoilers begin. Only read on if you’re cool with spoilers from the first five seasons (and beyond) of “Game of Thrones.”
“Game of Thrones” fans know of a few theories about Jon Snow’s true parents, and as a new supercut posted earlier this week by YouTuber Robbie McD shows, the show might have been trying to tell us which one is right all along.
The most prominent theory is called R+L=J — the theory that Jon Snow’s true parents are not Ned Stark and the tavern girl Wylla, but that Snow was the child of Ned’s sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. That would mean Snow has Targaryen blood running through him, and could be part of the “three-headed dragon” prophecy that could see a trio of Targaryens riding to Westeros on the backs of dragons to retake the Iron Throne.
The video takes all the scenes from the first five seasons of “Game of Thrones” that suggest R+L=J is true, and compiles them into one epic supercut to digest before next season.

HBO has started the hype machine for season 6, and both the promotional poster for the show and the short teaser released in the last few weeks have featured Jon Snow front and center, lending support to the rumblings that Snow is coming back in a big way next season.

A casting call for a “Legendary Fighter” seems to suggest that Arthur Dayne would be coming to season 6 as well. Dayne was a great swordsman and friend of Rhaegar Targaryen who died in the Tower of Joy, the same place Lyanna Stark died before making Ned promise her something, perhaps to take and hide her Stark-Targaryen offspring?

Between that casting call and HBO hyping Jon Snow in the latest promos, it seems Snow is going to be back at least in some capacity next season, and it seems plausible that once season 6 debuts, we’ll finally be able to put an end to the speculation and figure out what role Snow has to play (if any, of course) in the war to come.
We’ll know for sure in April, when season 6 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is set to continue the bloody quest for the Iron Throne with the increasingly few characters that have managed to survive in Westeros and Essos this long.

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