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He’s coming after you, Twitter critic.
Kia/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET
I have never seen LeBron James driving a Kia.
I am willing to assert, though, that he does drive a Kia, that he’s very happy with his Kia and that this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Kia might just be paying him quite a lot of money to advertise its cars.
There, that’s the legal stuff out of the way.
Well, not quite actually.

James, you see, has decided to take legal action against someone on Twitter who accused him of not, no way, you-have-to-be-kidding-me driving one of these very fine Korean cars.
I know this from a new ad which, oddly enough is sponsored by Kia.
In it, James reads out a tweet from one Trey Herbert. It says: “I’ll bet anyone $10,000,000 that LeBron doesn’t roll up to games in a Kia.”

James insist that he does.
“Since you placed your bet on the Internet, I’m pretty sure that’s legally binding,” he says in the ad.
And then we see his very uncavalier lawyer nodding his head in severe agreement. Worse, the impression we get is that James is about to drive his very fine Kia 900 over to Herbert’s house.

I fear there might be more than a slam dunk involved.
But how will James know where Herbert lives? I have a feeling those lawyers have ways of discovering these things.
James agreed last year to offer Kia an assist or two. At the time, ESPN reported that James is required to smooth his way to Cleveland Cavaliers’ games in a Kia 900. However, he isn’t obligated to drive it all the time.
This is LeBron James, brethren. He probably has 30 cars. He probably has 30 drivers.

As for Herbert, he’s real. He says so himself on Twitter. He describes himself as an Indiana Pacers fan. He will, therefore, be used to the occasional confrontation.
As to whether Kia sought his permission or even paid him for using his name in the ad, neither the company nor Herbert immediately responded to my requests for comment.
I feel a follow-up ad coming on. It will end with Trey Herbert in a Kia. But where? Not the trunk, I hope.

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