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Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch accused Comcast of setting its data caps just low enough to prevent customers from replacing cable TV with online video streaming.
In an interview with CordCutting.com today, Lynch said:
I think one of the areas we’re quite focused on is what’s happening in Washington, DC around net neutrality. We see concerning things happening if you look at cable companies like Comcast now instituting data caps that just happen to be at a level at or below what someone would use if they’re watching TV on the Internet—and at the same time launching their own streaming service that they say doesn’t count against the data cap. It’s something we’ve been warning Washington about for years, and it’s a risk to OTT [over-the-top Internet services] in general. We’re net neutrality proponents, and want to make sure that rules are implemented so that it really is a level playing field for new players like us.
Comcast is testing 300GB-per-month data caps in a variety of cities before a potential nationwide rollout. Customers are charged $10 for each additional 50GB, and in all but a few of the cities with data caps, they can pay an extra $30 or $35 per month for unlimited data.
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