(credit: Metro)

In an effort to enforce no-fly-zones across the city, Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department is launching a drone squad. According to Japan Today (via Popular Science), the squad will patrol no-fly-zones and “will search for the operators and order them to ground the drones.”
If an operator fails to comply, police will scramble large drones up to 10 feet long armed with cameras and nets to take down the unwanted machines. There’s no word yet on whether said tactics will be accompanied by a perfectly-timed blast of The A-Team theme tune, though—we can but dream.
Despite the humorous name, the drone squad will take on some serious issues in Toyko. “Terrorist attacks using drones carrying explosives are a possibility,” a senior member of the police department’s security bureau told the Asahi Shimbun website. “We hope to defend the nation’s functions with the worst-case scenario in mind.”
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