Data breaches are becoming ever bigger and more commonplace, with companies in the UK being hit every bit as comprehensively as those in the US, such as Target, JPMorgan Chase and OPM.
And organisations are still struggling to come to terms with the risks – how likely they are to be targeted, attacked, and the consequences of those attacks.
Computing has compiled the top-10 data breach stories: identifying some of the biggest breaches this year in the UK, as well as other stories that give a clearer indication of how organisations have been affected this year by data breaches.
Before we start, a special mention has to go to the crafty people who, in a survey, said they would sell their company’s valuable intellectual property for between £1,000 and £10,000. Even more shameless – and cheap – is the one per cent who said they’d sell it to persons unknown for just £100. No wonder companies say the biggest security risk is people, rather than technology!

Note: Computing has also had its say on the 10 biggest corporate cyber security blunders ever and the 10 worst ever government data breaches.

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