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Samsung’s high-end JS9500 Smart TV
Sarah Tew/CNET
Samsung’s upcoming lineup of Smart TVs, as well as its 2016 series of high-end, 4K-resolution LCD TVs (known as SUHD TVs) will be compatible with the company’s Internet of Things platform called SmartThings, the South Korean electronics giant said Tuesday.
By being able to connect with Samsung’s smart home service, you will be able to control other Smart Things-compatible devices, like locks and thermostats, from your TV on a single interface.

Motion sensors installed in the house can also send pop-up notifications to your TV, and you can adjust the brightness of your living room lights to set the mood for movie-watching.
Launched in 2014, Samsung’s SmartThings service is the company’s central platform in the fast-growing industry on Internet of Things, the idea of connecting more devices and objects to the Web. At CES 2016, a consumer electronic trade show that will take place in Las Vegas next week, Internet of Things is expected to be a big part of the show, with many companies, big and small, demoing products catered to the smart home. As for Samsung, the IoT industry plays a key part of its product and software development.
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Samsung adds smarts to its next-gen SmartThings…

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