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The Samsung TV of the future could be made up of a bunch of smaller displays, as shown at the tech giant’s CES booth in Las Vegas.
Shara Tibken/CNET
How’s a transformable, dancing TV sound to you? That may just be the future, according to Samsung.
The South Korean company is showing off several far-out TVs this week at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. They were built around the idea that larger televisions can be made from smaller displays that seamlessly fit together.
That lets you build a much bigger TV than is possible with current technology — like the 170-inch monster Samsung has at its booth. When they’re combined to make a big TV, you can’t even see where one display ends and the other begins.

In one display, Samsung is showing eight displays moving around and almost dancing, as shown in our GIF.
And the modular displays can be rotated to alter the screen ratio from 16:9 to 21:9, cutting off those annoying black bars on widescreen epics like the “Lord of the Rings” series. The TV jumps between the two ratios by splitting the screen into two parts, rotating them and then reassembling them in the shape you want.

“We believe the possibilities for innovation in TV are truly endless, and in the years to come, customers will experience ever greater choice and control, as the current barriers around screen size, shape and versatility are overcome,” “Hyun Suk Kim, president of Samsung visual display business, said in a statement.

Samsung’s modular TVs can rotate, split apart and come together to form a big television.
Sean Hollister/CNET
Samsung also had plenty to show the rest of us, who need a TV like now. The company’s new high-end, ultra high definition televisions all come equipped with the ability to serve as smart home hubs, letting you do things like control your lights from your TV set. And Samsung continued making its offerings even thinner, with one TV about as slim as a Galaxy S6 smartphone.
CES is one of the most important events for Samsung each year. The company showcases its newest electronics that will hit the market in the upcoming year as well as demonstrates technology that won’t be available for a long time — if at all. Along with futuristic TVs, Samsung also displayed new wearables, like a solar-charging purse, a smart belt that keeps track of your waistline and how much you eat, and a smart suit that lets you easily exchange digital business cards.

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