(credit: Uber)

On Thursday, Uber settled with New York state authorities, paying a $20,000 fine to end investigations into two data breach incidents from 2014 and 2015.
The first was in October 2014, when Valleywag reported on Uber’s real-time “God View” map of 30 of its “notable users” at a launch party in Chicago. One of those users on the map found out he was being tracked when an attendee of the party began texting him his Uber car’s exact location. The following month, an Uber executive suggested that the company begin hiring opposition research to target journalists who reported unfavorably on the company.
The second incident, from February 2015, was when the company alerted the New York Attorney General to a data breach incident from months earlier. That resulted in 50,000 driver’s license numbers and driver names being stolen.
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