Why are Associate Editors Dan Graziano and Xiomara Blanco smiling? Because they got to the Huawei press conference early enough to score good seats and to give video editor Logan Moy enough time to wrangle his video equipment.
(Actually, they’re probably just smiling because Sarah Tew, the photographer, pointed a camera at them.)
Press Day is the day before the show opens where tons of companies hold press conferences and closed briefings about the products they’re announcing or plan to announce in the future. One of the reasons CNET sends a huge team of editors is because all these occur back-to-back and simultaneously, and covering them all would otherwise require a TARDIS.
Notice the sticker on Logan’s bag? This year the CTA (which runs CES) instituted bag security measures, one of which was a prohibition against rolling bags on the show floor. Camera crews are exempt, thankfully.

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