The giant technology extravaganza that is CES is full of the latest, greatest tech to be seen on Earth. Scattered around the show you’ll find headphones, cameras, rafts of wearables and TVs so big you’ll need to build your house around them.
Every so often, however, we come across a piece of tech so crazy that we have to sit back and say “wow.” Either “Wow, that’s so amazing I need to have it immediately,” or “Wow, I can’t believe this company has spent money in developing this.”
I’ve pulled together a roundup of products that fall under either of those statements (OK, so it’s largely the latter one), so click through to see some of the more bizarre things we found at CES 2016.
I’ll begin with this gent, who looks like an ’80s sci-fi vision of a futuristic human. The headset being worn, named iGrow, actually fires low-level light at your hair. The company claims that this will help stimulate hair cells, turning your sparse scalp into a flourishing thicket. The glasses are no doubt there to protect the eyes, but there’s no denying they look badass.

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