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The Democrats had their final presidential debate Sunday before the Iowa caucus in two weeks. There was the usual venom and posturing among the three candidates vying to win their party’s nomination to run for president. And then there was a candidate who said there should be no encryption backdoors—or did he? Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley couched his response during the Charleston, South Carolina debate that was livestreamed on YouTube.
Here’s the dialogue after a YouTube “creator” asked about encryption.

Hi, my name’s Marques Brownlee, and I’ve been making YouTube videos about electronics and gadgets for the past seven years.
I think America’s future success is tied to getting all kinds of tech right. Tech companies are responsible for the encryption technology to protect personal data, but the government wants a backdoor into that information.
So do you think it’s possible to find common ground? And where do you stand on privacy versus security?

“I believe whether it’s a backdoor or a front door that the American principle of law should still hold that our federal government should have to get a warrant, whether they want to come through the backdoor or your front door,” O’Malley replied.
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