(credit: ACLU)

On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union unveiled a new campaign to introduce a slew of pro-privacy bills in 16 states across America and the District of Columbia.
In what it has dubbed “#TakeCTRL,” the ACLU has partnered with various lawmakers in states ranging from Hawaii to New Hampshire to propose new laws that, among other restrictions, would require a warrant for the use of cell-site simulators, impose “rapid deletion” of data collected by an automatic license plate reader, and limit educational institutions’ ability to access data about what students do on school-loaned computers.
“A bipartisan consensus on privacy rights is emerging, and now the states are taking collective action where Congress has been largely asleep at the switch,” Anthony Romero, the head of the ACLU, said in a statement. “This movement is about seizing control over our lives. Everyone should be empowered to decide who has access to their personal information.”
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