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Over the winter holidays, I took some well-needed time offline, away from e-mail and social media. I hung out with friends and family, and I spent hours with my nose in a massive book, Power Wars: Inside Obama’s Post-9/11 Presidency. Charlie Savage’s latest book is the most essential explanation of modern-day American national security policy.
After reading it, I came away with one (fairly obvious) conclusion: keeping the republic safe is hard and crazy complicated. Anyone who has followed current events on drone strikes, surveillance, and encryption, and other essential issues at the forefront of modern America—and wants the entire inside baseball play-by-play to go with it—will love this book. (The book is quite expansive and covers many other issues that this review will not address.)
The premise of the book is simple and intriguing. It opens with two epigraphs, both from Barack Obama.
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