Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco, California

Nearly 200 Wikipedia editors have taken the unprecedented step of calling for a member of the Wikimedia Foundation board of directors to be tossed out.
The Wikimedia Foundation, which governs the massive Wikipedia online encyclopedia and related projects, appointed Arnnon Geshuri to its board earlier this month. His appointment wasn’t well received by the Wikipedia community of volunteer editors, however. And last week, an editor called for a “vote of no confidence on Arnnon Geshuri.”
The voting, which has no legally binding effect on the Wikimedia Foundation, is now underway. As of press time, 187 editors had voted in favor of this proposition: “In the best interests of the Wikimedia Foundation, Arnnon Geshuri must be removed from his appointment as a trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation Board.” Just 13 editors have voted against, including Wikimedia board member Guy Kawasaki.
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