Apple’s sales will decline for the first time in over a decade, the company has predicted, marking an end to a run that has made it the world’s biggest company and the most famous name in technology. 
The tech giant reported a record set of results for the final three months of 2015 on Tuesday night, in which it posted an all-time record for quarterly profit but said growth in iPhone sales had been the slowest since it went on sale in 2007.
Apple forecast that sales in the current quarter are likely to fall year-on-year, with iPhone sales declining for the first time. Investors have feared that consumers have not taken to the latest iPhone models as they have to previous devices, leading to shares falling by a fifth in the last six months. 
For the three months to the end of March, Apple said it expects to report sales of between $50bn and $53bn (£35-37bn), which will mark a decline on the $58bn during the same period last year. If the company’s own forecasts are accurate, it will be the first revenue decline since the first quarter of 2003, just over a year after the first iPod was released.