Anyone with an iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus knows the pain of straining their thumb across the screen to reach a Q, W or A on the left-hand side of the keyboard while trying to type one-handed.
And for many with smaller hands, the idea of sending a text or email without the use of both hands is a non-starter, even on the smaller iPhone 6.
Well, your prayers have now been answered by an unlikely source – Microsoft.
The company is planning to port the critically-acclaimed Word Flow keyboard used on its Windows Phone software to iOS, and according to technology website The Verge, it will feature a special “one-handed mode”.
The keyboard will curve around the bottom-left corner of the screen to make every letter within reaching distance of a sole thumb, and won’t use the screen space directly in the corner. 
Left-hand typers will also be able to flip the keyboard to the other side. Apple introduced the option to replace iOS’s default keyboard in 2014, and a flurry of options has sprung up.