The 3D printer was purchased by the hospital last August to help specifically with conducting difficult organ transplants.
At the time, Mr Pankaj Chandak, specialist registrar in transplant surgery at Guy’s and St Thomas’, said: “This type of surgery is especially complex. The 3D printing of the donor’s kidney and the child’s blood vessels will assist the surgical team ahead of the operation and will increase the chances of the transplant being a success.”
3D printing is being used by several hospitals as a surgery aid, particularly for complex procedures like hip replacements and organ transplants.
For instance, in 2014, a surgeon used the technology to create a new pelvis for a man who had lost half his original one to cancer.
In April last year, bioprinting firm Organovo went one step further and announced it had 3D printed the first human kidney cell tissue, which it sells to researchers for drug testing.