One of the thousands of e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s personal mail server that have been publicly released by the State Department. Now, 22 have been labeled with a Top Secret or higher classification.

The State Department has declared 22 of the e-mails stored on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal mail server to contain information classified as “top secret.” In some cases, those e-mails were related to “special access programs”—the highest level of classification for government secrets, reserved for protected intelligence and other information kept closely protected because of its sensitivity. The State Department did not reveal whether the messages were all sent to Clinton or if she authored any of them.
Clinton has maintained that she never sent any classified information using her personal e-mail—a hosted Exchange server that initially was operated from her own home.
The messages were “upgraded at the request of the intelligence community,” State Department spokesperson John Kirby told the Associated Press, indicating that they had not been marked with that level of classification initially. There is no indication whether the information was sent or received by Clinton or whether it bore any classification mark to begin with.
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