Updated bash Shift_JIS packages that add one enhancement are now available forRed Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

The GNU Bourne-Again Shell (Bash) is a shell or command language interpreterthat is compatible with the Bourne shell (sh) and incorporates features from theKornShell interface (ksh) and the C shell (csh). Bash is the default shell forRed Hat Enterprise Linux. Shift JIS (SJIS) is a character encoding for theJapanese language. The bash Shift_JIS packages provide Bash support for the SJISencoding.This update adds the following enhancement:* To avoid using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 bash packages that do not containthe latest bug fixes and enhancements, the bash Shift_JIS packages have beenupgraded to version 4.1.2 release 29. (BZ#1289396)Users who require SJIS encoding support for Bash built-in functions are advisedto install these updated packages, which add this enhancement.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:https://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Enterprise S-JIS Service

    MD5: f150ed1e3dfb173aa76b2d11d8baba1aSHA-256: e5f5cb5683b0e1992b1062b2a45bc1147386156a5597333cacc13df81cf27edd
    MD5: 17d6c4a7d2130972c478ddb1f88c9eb8SHA-256: c74ef428259f9b23d35a6f15ecd5d8d046caea9008267f8be14750a676030fae
    MD5: 11b8407918baa156936a57b349ce44b5SHA-256: 7003e51b2804f80df485665432cbdf9131db1672649afd2357544cd3132420e1
    MD5: 0896b58817edc279b4b7bfbec8474154SHA-256: 3f83743e1c239fccc897d00ace3ccfd20c01af4122bb5125f039de9f94b16ee1
    MD5: ed824ef24d66d44366d3dc84235b7a4cSHA-256: b17e9733cdd80de76d05e4e5671be0e8e2082cdbd15432c7ce1b30fb4d1e6fa9
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