In 2015, the borders between personal and professional use of apps and devices became less defined than ever. People constantly use whatever device they have at the time to do either personal or business tasks—that’s the real world. In 2016, the line between how employees use data in and outside of work will continue to blur and will drive important trends that IT needs to consider when building a security strategy. To help CIOs better understand how their workforces are accessing and securing data—and where IT can help fill the gap—Ping Identity surveyed 1,000 employees at U.S. enterprises. The company’s 2015 Online Identity Study revealed that most employees today are not connecting the dots between the security best practices they are taught and their behavior at work and home. While employees say online security is a priority, they struggle to consistently follow best practices and be accountable for their actions, the study revealed. The study results showed that in the event of a data breach, most employees say the blame falls on IT and not on their own risky behavior. Here’s a look at key trends that the study suggests will shape the coming year.