It’s every chief information security officer’s dream to run a ship so tight that not a single exploit, advanced persistent threat or hacktivist attack could ever hope to make it through.

But while it is indeed a dream, it should be reality.

The problem is that as someone gets closer to the idea of optimizing a threat intelligence strategy, he or she often loses sight of the big picture.

The collection, dissemination and use of threat intelligence have only one real purpose: To reduce operational risk in order to maintain or improve profitability. With the troubling new trend toward data destruction by bad actors, the risk of long-term damage is getting higher. So what is a CISO to do? By concentrating intelligence efforts on highly specific business objectives (e.g., to maintain or improve profitability), this broad subject can be narrowed down to the point where a small amount of highly valuable intelligence is produced.

This is a start toward establishing a more effective threat intelligence strategy.

This eWEEK slide show examines this concept, as put forth by Pete Hugh of security consulting firm Recorded Future.