Updated bash Shift_JIS packages that add one enhancement are now available forRed Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The GNU Bourne-Again Shell (Bash) is a shell or command language interpreterthat is compatible with the Bourne shell (sh) and incorporates features from theKornShell interface (ksh) and the C shell (csh).

Bash is the default shell forRed Hat Enterprise Linux.
Shift JIS (SJIS) is a character encoding for theJapanese language.

The bash Shift_JIS packages provide Bash support for the SJISencoding.This update adds the following enhancement:* To avoid using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 bash packages that do not containthe latest bug fixes and enhancements, the bash Shift_JIS packages have beenupgraded to version 4.1.2 release 33. (BZ#1249503)Users who require SJIS encoding support for Bash built-in functions are advisedto install these updated packages, which add this enhancement.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:https://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Enterprise S-JIS Service

    MD5: 12c7830061d59567c2901962243200aaSHA-256: 9ebc1e5ab906e581c3f951a709cceefa89b4ffa0e71c39f4f82358b1037999ee
    MD5: f04eee7f12cc9076576f598532f13794SHA-256: d16db98c133e90c859f947eca55a2f433d2332536c9765f0d0df5abe4a1b97dd
    MD5: 20b90183012c827afcbc783e45e3b02bSHA-256: 79092e42db48b987c421788ba461391fe81b6e74b9626bd4d08115a3686fcfa0
    MD5: c5f95ed2a79c2db81c038c073a29dec1SHA-256: 6ee239c5a904fa94f6dfa435d742a0e8fb0eac32a11a73a2621332a1c0b6763c
    MD5: 224a112a007b3b7cd47a9cc4bbd785aeSHA-256: fd48b721c87015c6cf674d34fe19085fa2b819b582c46d785eec20a79e25d2a8
    MD5: e72ec2a8726ebcd13cc9dcc6371c3c7dSHA-256: 3fc3682162c836406ec9fc9ae7993a477bc8db920e8f29a44d702e76a4d5b4ae
    MD5: 6fee792bb72444fff699917a1b7208c2SHA-256: 0750056a1b6e3e07dd2ab54d8f2f5cf728f391780fef7e50dbf18fd2d55b102c
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