Whether it’s due to a high-profile security breach, the tenuous nature of consumer data or just trying to get ahead of a data-disaster, security is on everyone’s mind.
Security professionals are tasked with securing data, preventing data breaches, and dealing with security flaws in business systems.

A recent study commissioned by Trustwave, an information security company that provides threat vulnerability and compliance management services, surveyed 1,414 full-time IT workers worldwide who identified themselves as “security decision makers or security influencers within their organizations” and found that the pressure is on.

The study’s most surprising finding is that 63 percent of respondents felt more pressure around security in 2015 than they did in the previous year, and 65 percent said they expected that pressure to increase in the coming year.
“Driving the increasingly gloomy outlook is the shortage of security skills, resource constraints, emerging technologies, and C-suite management and boards who both expect top-level security but also pressure IT teams to roll out projects that aren’t security ready,” according to Cas Purdy, vice president of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Trustwave.
Here are the eight biggest reasons IT and security professionals report feeling pressure to meet unrealistic security expectations, according to the study from Trustware.
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