Whether you’ve got the new compact iPhone SE or a gigantic iPhone 6S Plus, here are the apps you need to make the most of your smartphone.

I don’t know about you, but the race toward bigger and bigger smartphones never sat well with me.

Fortunately, after years of ballooning iPhones, we now have a new 4-inch model of Apple’s flagship mobile device.

The iPhone SE packs the power of modern smartphones in an iPhone 5-sized body. While the hardware itself is a stylish status symbol, and iOS 9 is a top-tier mobile operating system, it’s the apps that really make an iPhone of any size worth having.

But what apps should you download immediately after setting up your new phone? The App Store is jam-packed with quality programs.

Fortunately for you, the expert analysts here at PCMag test iPhone apps all the time, and we’ve used that insight to create the following list of the 100 best iPhone apps.
Many of these apps will run just fine on a range of iPhones, large or small. However, if you have an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 6s Plus, you can interact with apps in new ways using 3D touch on their pressure-sensitive screens.

For example, you can press firmly on the Facebook app icon to bring up a menu and immediately start updating your status. More apps are taking advantage of this functionality as these phones become more widespread. Keep in mind the iPhone SE does not feature 3D Touch.
Our favorite apps include encrypted messaging services, parental monitoring tools, and even the first Nintendo smartphone app. We’ve broken this list into several categories, so you can just browse the apps that most interest you. You’ll also find links to our full reviews.
In the past, this list also featured some of the coolest video games the App Store had to offer.

But the App Store gaming scene has become so robust that we felt it really deserved its own separate, expanded list.
So you can check out our feature on the 30 best iPhone games.

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Cool new apps arrive on the App Store all the time, so we periodically update this list with the most promising discoveries. Have you been using a great app we failed to mention? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment and we might add your suggestion during our next update.

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Big or small, your iPhone still deserves some love.