This is what Three-Eyed Raven thinks of your FOIA requests. (credit: HBO)

After multiple seasons in which Game of Thrones premiered on file-sharing networks before it officially showed on HBO, the network finally decided to lock down advance access to the series this year.

Even if you’re a credentialed member of the media or a very, very good friend of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, you can’t ask HBO for a copy of the season six premiere ahead of its April 24 premiere… unless you’re President Obama.
Refinery29 author Vanessa Golembewski noticed a report about a Game of Thrones press event in which a showrunner admitted that Obama was given a DVD screener copy.

That set off a light bulb in her head: “If the president—and by extension, our government—is in possession of a file, surely that file is subject to my request to see it as a US citizen,” she wrote.
As a result, last Friday Golembewski filed what may very well be the first Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request specifically for a film or TV series delivered to the Oval Office.

The author admitted she’d never filed an FOIA request before, which might explain her tongue-in-cheek responses to various prompts, including a diatribe about college loans and an “expedited” request chosen because “Jon Snow’s life is very much in question.”
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