(credit: DeviantArt user: Tincho555)

The shambling, ghostly shell of a company that shares its name with the classic game maker Atari went to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) this week to defend its exclusive rights to video games with Haunted House in the title.
The oral hearing at the USPTO yesterday came about when Atari opposed a proposed trademark for Haunted House Tycoon, an upcoming game that small developer Hazy Dreams of Infinity tried to trademark back in 2011.
In its opposition notice, Atari suggested that its 1982 game Haunted House had become “well-known among the public and the trade” due to “widespread and extensive use.”
Atari does have some valid current interest in its right to the 35-year-old game name. Haunted House is on iOS as part of the Atari’s Greatest Hits collection, and the game became available through Microsoft’s Game Room service starting in 2010.

Atari also rebooted the franchise in 2010 with a remake of the same name, which it still sells as a Windows download.
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