Cole Marshall’s house—and a welcome message from Charter. (credit: Cole Marshall)

The Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission chairman have formally signed off on the blockbuster deal that allows Charter Communications to purchase Time Warner Cable for $78 billion and Bright House Networks for $10.4 billion.
However, both agencies expressed conditions that the telcos must abide by for the deal to go through.

The remaining full FCC must now vote on the proposed deal.
As Ars reported earlier, Charter is now set to become the nation’s second largest Internet service provider after Comcast, with the two companies controlling the majority of high-speed Internet subscriptions.

Comcast struck a deal to buy Time Warner Cable in February 2014, but it failed to convince the FCC and DOJ to approve that merger.

Among other things, the agencies were concerned that a bigger Comcast would try to harm online video providers that need access to Comcast’s broadband network.
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