Too many corporate networks are wide open to break-ins by cyber-criminals, and IT professionals all too often only have themselves to blame for failing to protect their data assets adequately, according to new data from Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report.

The report, which Verizon releases each year after analyzing tens of thousands of security incidents, found that while cyber-criminals are using new techniques to electronically break into networks and steal information, a surprisingly large number of vulnerabilities exist solely because servers and networks haven’t been properly patched. What’s more, Verizon found that when the business side is in line with the IT side, a company’s chances of being hacked and its information stolen fall dramatically.
Security, in other words, is a team effort.

But in far too many cases, those teams aren’t working together very well at all, according to Verizon.

This slide show will covers some of Verizon’s findings about the state of corporate cyber-security in 2015.
Some of the statistics should be staggering enough to convince IT professionals to take steps to make sure their networks and applications are fully patched and well-protected.