IT organizations are increasingly being asked to do more tasks, while not being afforded additional staffing resources.
It’s a challenge that has a major impact on IT security groups as attackers continue to hit enterprise networks, with no consideration for an organization’s workload or staffing.
Intel Security’s new report, “How Collaboration Can Optimize Security Operation,” outlines how improving collaboration can help with the challenge of chronic IT staff shortages.
Intel Security surveyed 565 security decision makers worldwide about their use of collaboration technology as part of the security workflow and incident response processes.

Among the study’s key findings is that the use of collaboration technologies can improve security outcomes by an average of 38 percent.

The study also provides insight into which remote management activities are most often used by security professionals, with network isolation identified as a top action. Remote management, however, can sometimes be at odds with automated procedures as less than half of respondents indicated a willingness to fully automate network isolation processes. eWEEK takes a look at key takeaways from the Intel Security report.