Total Inability To Safeguard Users’ PCs
Users of the TeamViewer remote management tool say their computers were hijacked and bank accounts emptied as the company’s systems fell offline.
TeamViewer says that “issues” in its network caused a service disruption on Wednesday resulting in some users being unable to access the service.

We are currently experiencing issues in parts of our network. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.
— TeamViewer Support (@TeamViewer_help) June 1, 2016
According to customers on the TeamViewer subreddit, however, the problem is much, much worse. Multiple users have reported that their remote desktops are being accessed by unknown parties who have fired up web browsers to clean out PayPal accounts, and drill into Amazon and webmail accounts.
Some users have reported viewing the activity in person, watching the unauthorized users access their machines and attempt to open applications.

“When I sit down on my chair, I saw my mouse is moving across the screen. Of course, I immediately revoked remote control, and asked who he is,” writes one user.
“At that point, he disconnected, and attempted to connect to my Ubuntu server, which have all my backups.”
Safe to say, anyone running the TeamViewer software would be well advised to disable the software, change their passwords, and keep a close eye on their PCs and servers for any suspicious activity.
A spokesman for TeamViewer insisted the service is “safe.” More on this story as it develops.
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